martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Tom Welling: Clark Kent alias Superman alias Kalel

In this photo are Tom Welling and his wife Jamie.
From the information that I found, Tom Welling married Jamie in 2002 when Tom was working as Clark Kent.

What is most surprising is that Jamie is a girl from her face very simple.
We are accustomed to thinking that the star of the show, especially if you're cute, do not marry or, if they do, take a person of equal beauty. Tom was not the case. The cases are two or Tom wants to stand out anywhere or not a person looks at the superficial and inner beauty of a woman. I hope this is the second case ...

Precisely at this moment I discovered the "mystery" of Tom Welling. A beautiful boy who also makes smart choices and not at all superficial, is not usual. It is as if he were following a definite ethic that drives him toward choices less easy but more secure over time. In fact I think he has assimilated much of what he learned in school that did. Let's see why with Tom Welling's Story...

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