miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

The American Dream continues ...

Tom Welling is living proof that the American Dream continues.
To fine a person can be, in Europe it is virtually impossible that someone important - like a director or a photographer for success - discover possible new talent, especially if you have no qualification to make the model or actor.

It is true that Tom was helped by the fact that nature has given him a physical and an angelic face, which makes things much, but if Tom had lived in Europe, his beauty is not enough. Would have to do evening classes in acting, to spend a lot of money on small tour "parochial" in the hope of finding more money to make a drama school "serious." If we had succeeded, would have to compromise with possible anti ethical menager directors and to climb the top.

America is America and she is beautiful because it is the country of opportunity. It is not necessary to have a number of studies to be an actor or model. Just the mere birthright. In Europe - especially Italy and Spain - have formed instead of "caste" that does not allow the freedom to experience the artistic way unless you do what they want. You have to have the "pieces of paper" - which cost a lot of money - only to hear the last of the directors or photographers who "might" start in the world of cinema.

In Europe there are no "hunters talent". You have the enormous good fortune to encounter face to face with some famous actor or director you take a shine to dream of becoming an actor or actress. Pratically it's impossible.

Europe is old because it is rigid in its demands. To ensure a sense of "justice for all" limits the freedom of people to create and express themselves artistically. Requires a model of "professionalism" that, in reality, does not help. The professionalism decides who hears or sees the production. It is the people who judges negatively or positively the work. The advertising only serves to make known the production and not to manipulate people so it like to force what is produced.

If Smallville had been a flop, it would mean that something went wrong. In Europe are very few successful television series. The majority is garbage. The series of successful Italian or Spanish are enormously expensive because the actors are made to pay more than necessary, since the "title of actor". But this title is no guarantee of good acting. With a good director -
and do not need he/she has studied as a director - and a good critical sense on the part of each, you can create a really good cast of actors without the need for any title, but only the desire to do something good. Moreover, recite every day. For the human being is easy to act, especially when you lie.

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